A Strategy On How to Find Genuine Data Entry Jobs

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Getting a job with data entry can be very tempting because it gives you the chance to supplement your primary income with side income. Nevertheless, even if you wish to work at data input full-time, there are lots of opportunities available. One common issue, though, when looking for a data entry job online is that there are many work-from-home data entry jobs that could actually be work-at-home scams. These could include identity theft or just requiring you to pay a “deposit” in order to work online without offering you a job opportunity.

Testbook has created a post explaining how to look for data entry jobs and how to tell whether they are legitimate.

How Do I Find Jobs in Data Entry?

Should you be seeking for data entry employment and are curious about the prerequisites, the majority of positions call for a reliable internet connection, a laptop or PC for work, and a reasonably quick typing speed. Here’s how to apply for data entry jobs if you believe you qualify:

Job Websites:

The internet has a plethora of options for legitimate data entry jobs, including naukri.com, indeed.com, and internshala.com. But be sure to thoroughly investigate the business and the position being offered; occasionally, scammers are even advertised. To ensure that others are not duped, please make sure to report these scams.

Sites for Captcha Entry:

The majority of legitimate data entry positions fall into this category, and they may be very lucrative, paying more than INR 20,000 per month. However, if you want to make a sizable income, you must have a good typing accuracy and speed. You can sign up for legitimate captcha entry websites like MegaTypers and Kolotibalo.

Upwork, Fiverr, Elance, and Related Websites:

You can choose to have companies come to you for data entry work rather than going around asking

for employment. On these sites, you may post an advertisement outlining your qualifications and charging for your services. Interested parties will then contact you to hire you.You could post an ad on Fiverr saying something like, “I’ll do highly accurate and quick data entry for $5 an hour.”Creating high-quality work is crucial on these platforms because they utilize a ranking system. You will probably be presented with additional opportunities if your data entry is flawless.

Small-scale job sites:

You can find microtyping tasks for small compensation on microjob websites like Amazon Mturk. For example, the task may only require the transcription of data from one photograph into an Excel sheet; in this case, you would get compensated one or two cents.You may compile all legitimate data entry-related tasks from websites into one location by using a filter tool like beermoney.

Why Are Jobs in Data Entry Good?

  • There are several legitimate data entry employment organizations that either employ data entry specialists inside or contract out this task to an outside organization that typically works with full-time employees or independent contractors. Finding work in this industry is not difficult.
  • Since freelancers are less expensive to manage than in-house staff, many organizations are outsourcing these data entry duties to independent contractors, such as yourself.
  • To begin working as a data entry professional, you don’t need to learn any new, complex skills. All you really need is time management and typing abilities.

Where Can I Find Real Jobs for Data Entry?

It is usually a good idea to check at some reputable job platforms like Indeed or Monster.com if you are seeking for a long-term, real data entry job. They typically offer a multitude of opportunities. The ideal places to look would be Fiverr and Upwork if you are okay with freelancing or accepting employment on a project-by-project basis.

1. Fiverr

Workers from all over the world are making money from online data entry tasks they acquired with Fiverr’s assistance. All you have to do is post your data entry abilities and wait for folks to find and get in touch with you for employment; it’s quite user-friendly and accessible.For each work that a person gets from Fiverr, they might earn $5. You would be paid $5 for an hour of work, and $20 if you were hired for four hours. Working online for clients or businesses on Fiverr is a dependable and simple way to get money.

2. Elance

One of the greatest platforms for freelancing is Elance, which offers data entry workers incredible prospects. To get good reviews at work, which will help one locate additional prospects, one must work honestly.

3. Upwork

Millions of people have used this website, which is among the most popular, to find various data entry jobs available for freelance work.

In order to begin looking for data entry jobs, one must first register on the website by visiting it and filling up a profile with all the necessary information, including experience and skills.

You can discover some real data entry assignments on sites like Fiverr and Upwork, which are much more dependable than the random ads you could come across even though they can be a little slower because the employer needs to actively search for you.

How Can I Prevent Fraud And Find Real Data Entry Jobs?


Even if there are many scammers on the internet, finding the most legitimate data entry jobs only requires a little common sense and preparation. Here are some pointers:

  • Learn how to spot con artists. You can discover how to distinguish between legitimate data entry jobs and scammers by recognizing the typical script that most frauds adhere to. The most obvious indicators will be seen in the pattern of job pitches, so be sure to keep a look out for them.
  • Apply some common sense. Consider whether the job offer is truly profitable for the business. A job could be a hoax if it seems too wonderful to be true.
  • Advertisements from search engines and unsolicited emails. These are mostly scams. Although it is possible that you will pass up one or two real work offers for data entry, the danger of falling for these scams is much greater than the advantages of landing that one real job.The majority of search engine listings that purport to be genuine positions involving data entry are most likely scams.
  • Never pay for the chance to succeed. Whether it takes the shape of an initial payment, software fees, or security deposit. If these are legitimate data entry jobs, you won’t have to pay them to work for you. The opposite should always be true.

How Can I Locate Reputable Indian Data Entry Jobs?

It could be difficult to find a trustworthy data entry job in India. It’s wise to think about a few things before taking a data entry position. Don’t apply for the first set of data entry jobs you come across, no matter how desperate you are to land one.

There are a lot of data entry jobs available that mostly provide work-from-home options, enormous salary, and little work hours. But this could all be a front for a big con. Finding a legitimate data entry job in India might be facilitated by looking through the company’s website and doing some research on it.

Every trustworthy data entry business would have a clean, updated website with all the information required.

Sometimes, well-maintained websites might be used by certain scammers to trick you. It is usually a good idea to Google the company that is prepared to offer you a job combined with the word “scam” in order to avoid that. This might assist you in determining whether the job you have located is legitimate. This can provide you with search results that are sufficient to determine whether the company is reputable or a fraud.

A company’s reputation or track record for defrauding people can also be determined by visiting websites like Glassdoor and other employment review sites. Numerous people may have complained about not getting paid after finishing the task.Data entry jobs that require payment in advance for training or a deposit are typically scams since the companies simply stop responding once they receive your money. If you discover a legitimate data entry work, they won’t ask for this, but scam jobs will make nice-sounding promises but then drain your bank account.

Even if a lot of these jobs are eager to con you or demand money, they entice you in by saying that expert typists or prior experience are not necessary. They may, however, also urge you to sign a work-from-home contract with an unachievable word limit after you pay the specified deposit. Unless you are an exceptionally fast typer or a skilled typist, the jobs would be nearly difficult. Check the contract again and again once you’ve located a legitimate data input position.

If you have decent time management and keyboarding abilities, finding a legitimate data entry job is a great way to earn money.Check out Testbook’s Data Entry Online Coaching Course if you wish to start using data entry as your first skill.

Consider installing the Testbook app from the Google Play store if you’re hoping to improve your skills in order to succeed in your profession, whether it be in data entry jobs or your primary field of employment. Testbook offers hours of video lectures, certificates, mentorships, and exams with the goal of improving your knowledge and career. Please download the app now and give us a try.

FAQs on Where to Look for Real Data Entry Jobs

Are there legitimate data entry jobs that don’t require an upfront payment?

The majority of legitimate data entry jobs are free of charge and don’t require an upfront payment.

What skills are necessary for a successful data entry job?

If you have a computer or laptop, an internet connection, and a respectably quick typing speed, you can locate decent data entry employment.

An unsolicited email purporting to offer legitimate data entry employment was sent to me. Is it reliable?

Unsolicited communications from any organization are almost certainly scams rather than legitimate data entry jobs.

Can I work for websites that require a captcha?

Yes, captcha entry websites are a great way to get real data entry employment.

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