Best First Jobs for 16-Year-Olds

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Gaining experience and background is sometimes necessary for many career pathways, thus it’s usually a good idea for young individuals to start their journey with certain abilities. In order to launch their professions or provide for their families, some teens start working as early as 16 years old. Finding out which first occupations are great for 16-year-olds can be useful if you’re a teenager trying to make some money.
The top 11 first jobs for 16-year-olds are included in this article, together with information on their main responsibilities and hourly pay.

11 of the greatest first jobs available to 16-year-olds

These are the top 11 first-time jobs that 16-year-olds can get. For the most recent Indeed salary, kindly click the following links:

1. The cashier


$24,193 year is the average salary nationwide.

Principal responsibilities: Cashiers execute transactions and take payments to assist consumers in completing their purchases. Usually, they handle returns and exchanges, check for coupons or discounts, and inform patrons of future and ongoing deals when working in restaurants or retail stores. Additionally, they inquire about the shopping experiences of their patrons and give management valuable input. Because students may learn about money management and efficient communication while serving the public, cashiers are frequently excellent first jobs for 16-year-olds.

2. Baggers


$23,284 year is the average salary nationwide.

Main responsibilities: In a grocery store, baggers assist cashiers in placing customers’ purchases into grocery bags to expedite the checkout process. To keep groceries in good shape, they frequently have to arrange them according to size and weight. If a customer wants it, they can also assist them with loading their bags into their cars or shopping carts. For a 16-year-old, a job as a bagger would be perfect because it can give them experience in a customer service capacity.

3. Initiator

$30,801 annually is the average pay nationwide.

The main responsibilities of a host at a restaurant are to welcome patrons and lead them to their tables. They help patrons by giving them menus, predicting wait times, and offering advice on unique menu items. Along with saying goodbye to patrons as they depart, hostesses can assist guests with the checkout process by filling in as cashiers. For a 16-year-old, hosting is usually a suitable first job because it can help them learn great communication and multitasking skills from greeting guests and managing guest lists.

4. Lifeguard


$30,330 year is the average salary nationwide.

The main responsibilities of lifeguards are to keep adults and children safe when swimming at beaches or in public pools. They keep an eye on activity at the beach and swimming pools, police laws pertaining to public safety, and provide warnings about risky or inappropriate behavior. If necessary, they can also provide CPR to someone. For a sixteen-year-old, working as a lifeguard can be fulfilling because the position typically requires certification and teaches public safety.

5. Coffee Maker

$28,253 year is the average salary nationwide.

Principal responsibilities: In cafes and coffee shops, baristas prepare hot and cold tea, coffee, and other specialized drinks for patrons. They handle transactions, prepare and serve drinks, and accept orders. Additionally, they are in charge of keeping their workspace and the dining spaces used by customers clean and maintained. A 16-year-old could be most suited for a barista position since it can teach them transferable skills like communication, teamwork, and attention to detail.

6. A camp advisor

The average annual pay nationwide is $39,744.

Principal responsibilities: Camp counselors are in charge of watching over campers, frequently both during the day and at night. Camp counselors assist in organizing recreational and instructional activities for kids. Along with maintaining safety protocols and regulations, they also welcome kids and accompany them to dining areas and other campsite areas. They also watch over the pool and other recreational facilities. 16-year-olds can learn how to manage people, multitask, and tackle possible difficulties by working as camp counselors.

7. Sales associate in retail

$43,169 year is the average pay nationwide.

Principal responsibilities: Retail sales associates help clients locate what they’re looking for, provide them advice on upcoming and current deals, and supply shopping bags as part of their customer care. These experts usually answer inquiries from potential customers and highlight the key characteristics and advantages of a product. In addition, they have to maintain their workspace, replenish shelves, and swap out seasonal things. With the potential to learn problem-solving and good communication skills through serving clients, 16-year-olds are employed as retail sales associates in large numbers.

8. The national average compensation for bloggers

$37,062 annually.

Principal responsibilities: Bloggers produce a range of written content to instruct readers about particular subjects online. A blogger might, for example, post culinary recipes, vacation suggestions, professional guidance, or celebrity rumors. In order to promote or sell goods on their blogs, many bloggers work with sponsoring companies, which might enable them to make money. For a 16-year-old, blogging can be beneficial because it teaches them how to write for a readership. Additionally, bloggers typically have flexible schedules that let students continue to concentrate on their studies.

9. Dog walkers

$32,101 year is the average salary nationwide.

Walking an owner’s dog or dogs is the primary responsibility of dog walkers. Dog walkers usually take a variety of dog varieties and sizes for daily walks, making sure the animals are safe. In addition, they allow canines to take bathroom breaks, supply water or treats for longer walks, and keep an eye on the dog’s comfort level. A sixteen-year-old can learn responsibility and how to properly care for animals by going on dog walks.

10. nanny

The average annual wage nationwide is $57,656.

Babysitters’ main responsibilities include watching after and caring for kids while their parents or legal guardians are away.Although they usually work with kids in their homes, they can also pick them up and drop them off at school and take them to parks or public swimming pools. In addition to playing with kids, babysitters can bathe or change their diapers, prepare and serve meals and snacks, and change diapers. Because 16-year-olds spend a lot of time running, playing, and supervising activities, babysitting can help them develop their stamina and teach them responsibility.

11. Instructor

The average annual pay nationwide is $39,217.

Principal responsibilities: Tutors help people who require assistance learning a particular subject by offering them educational support. Usually in the hours between classes or after school, they help students with their homework and get them ready for quizzes and exams. They might also give pupils study aids and other training materials as an alternative to traditional teaching methods. Since tutoring may educate 16-year-olds how to be patient with others and stimulate creativity by establishing alternative teaching strategies, it might be an excellent first employment for them.

Frequently requested inquiries

How can one find information about available jobs?

You can find out about available jobs and openings through others in your network, such as friends, classmates, teachers, and family members, when you’re looking for your first job. Tell the individuals in your life that you’re looking for a job, as they might know of companies hiring part-timers at entry level.

Could you draft a résumé for your adolescent job application?

Depending on the position you’re going for, it could be a good idea to prepare a resume even if you don’t have any professional experience. You might include a list of your volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, and current high school GPA.


Which abilities may you build with your first job?

Putting in an application for your first job can aid in the development of several transferable abilities, such as interpersonal communication, teamwork, and time management.

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